Managing the Late Fees Hub

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This article is designed to guide you through the Late Fees Hub, detailing each step of the process from viewing calculated late fees awaiting approval to handling waived fees. We'll ensure you're equipped to take control of pending fees, generate invoices, and more. If you're looking to establish your own Late Fee rules, we suggest visiting our dedicated resource on Creating Late Fee Rules.

Accessing the Late Fees Hub

The Late Fees Hub is your central location for managing all aspects of late fees. To access it:

Navigate to the Dashboard and click on the Late Fees hub.

Viewing Pending Approval Late Fees

The Pending Approval view shows you all calculated late fees that are waiting for your review. You can:

  • Browse through each item individually or select multiple fees at once.
  • Generate invoices or waive fees as needed, directly from this view.
  • Review important details such as the late invoice, the outstanding amount, and the fee due.

Generating Invoices for Late Fees

Once you've reviewed the pending late fees:

  1. Select the fees you wish to invoice.
  2. Click Generate Invoice(s) to move these late fees to the Invoiced tab.


Understanding the Invoiced Late Fee View

Once the late fees have been generated to an invoice:

  1. Select and send invoices for individual or multiple late fees.
  2. Review information such as the late fee invoice number, amount, date invoiced, and current status of each fee.


Details on the Late Fee Invoice

To get a more detailed look at a particular late fee invoice:

  1. Select a late fee invoice from the Invoiced tab.
  2. Examine descriptions and individual line items that outline the fees sent to tenants.
  3. Click Download as PDF to view the Invoice that is sent to tenants. 

late fee invoice.png


Handling Waived Late Fees

If you decide to waive a late fee, the Waived view provides a record of these transactions. Here you can see:

  • The associated invoice.
  • The Chart of Accounts where the fee was categorized.
  • The date when the fee was waived, who waived it, and the amount waived.

By familiarizing yourself with each of these views and actions within the Late Fees Hub, you can effectively manage and reconcile late fees in a systematic way, helping to keep your accounting records in order and your tenant relationships positive.

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