Paying an invoice with ACH Direct Debit via Re-Leased Pay (US-Only)

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Re-Leased Pay simplifies rent collection by enabling tenants to make secure invoice payments directly through the system. This guide is specifically for our users in the United States and outlines how tenants can pay their invoices using ACH Direct Debit, a convenient payment method available with Re-Leased Pay. By following these straightforward steps, tenants can ensure their payments are processed efficiently and securely.


Steps for Paying an Invoice with ACH Direct Debit

Here’s what your tenants need to do to pay their invoices using Direct Debit:

  1. Tenant Receives Invoice with Pay Online Option
    When your tenant receives their invoice, it will include a Pay Online button, which they should click to start the payment process.

    Pay Online button.PNG

  2. Selecting an Invoice to Pay
    If your tenant has multiple outstanding invoices, they will be presented with a list from which they can select the specific invoice they wish to pay. Currently, only one invoice can be paid at a time.

    Multiple Invoices.png

  3. Choose a Payment Method
    After invoice selection, the tenant can choose to pay their invoice either by Credit Card or ACH Direct Debit.  Choosing to pay by ACH will reroute the tenant to a secure checkout screen, where they must enter their email address and name for identification purposes.

  4. Enter Payment Details
    Next, tenants will sign in to their bank via the checkout portal and select the account they wish to use for the ACH payment. If their bank is not supported, tenants can opt to verify their account with micro-deposits. This is done by clicking Enter bank details manually instead and following the instructions provided. 

    ACH Checkout.png

  5. Payment Confirmation
    Once the payment has been processed successfully, tenants will see a confirmation screen indicating the payment was successful. Additionally, they will receive an email confirmation for their records.

When a tenant pays through Re-Leased Pay, the payment undergoes two main steps: initially, Stripe securely processes the transaction, and subsequently, the payout is scheduled as per the timelines provided. For more details, please review the Re-Leased Pay: Processing & Received Funds guide.

By using ACH Direct Debit through Re-Leased Pay, tenants can conveniently manage their payments directly and securely. 


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