Enabling Tenants to Set Up Recurring Payments

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Recurring payments offer a convenient way for tenants to automate their rent payments, ensuring they’re made on time, every time a rent invoice is generated and approved. This article outlines the steps for tenants to set up automated rent payments within our system, providing peace of mind and avoiding the hassle of manual payment submissions.


Recurring Payment Setup

Setting up recurring payments for rent is a straightforward process. The tenant will need to complete a few simple steps:

1. Select a Payment Method for a Rent Invoice

When processing a rent invoice, tenants have the option to:

  • Make a one-time payment for the current invoice.
  • Set up future rent payments to be automatically processed on a recurring basis.

During the payment process for a rent invoice, choose the desired payment method and indicate whether this should be a recurring payment.


2. Review Recurring Payment Details

After selecting to set up a recurring payment, tenants will be presented with the following details:

  • The total amount to be paid, including any processing fees, if applicable.
  • The frequency of payments (e.g., monthly).
  • The selected payment method for future transactions.

A reminder will be emailed three days before the scheduled payment date, informing of any rent amount changes or necessary updates.

Note: Recurring payments only apply to rent invoices issued after the setup date. Any current or overdue invoices will not be automatically paid and should be settled manually.

3. Checkout and Payment Confirmation

Proceed to checkout to finalize the first payment. Upon completion, a confirmation of the successful payment and the established recurring payment plan will be displayed.

4. Invoice Overview and Payment Management

In the Invoice Overview screen, tenants can view and manage their recurring payments. This includes the ability to:

  • Check which payments are scheduled.
  • Cancel any recurring payment(s) if needed.

Invoice Overview Recurring Set Up.png

5. Confirmation Email

An email confirmation of the recurring payment setup is sent to the tenant’s registered email address. This serves as an official record of the agreement for automated payments.

Tenant Recurring Payments Video

For further guidance on setting up recurring payments with Re-Leased Pay, check out our comprehensive video guide. 

With recurring payments, tenants can ensure their rent is always paid on time without worrying about manual intervention. 


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