Re-Leased Pay Processing Limits

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Navigating payment processing limits can be crucial to ensure you're not caught off guard when managing lease/tenant payments. In this guide, we'll outline the different processing limits for credit card transactions and direct debit payments, helping you streamline your financial operations with clarity and confidence.

It’s important to know that payment processing limits do exist, and they vary depending on the payment method used by the lease/tenant — credit card or direct debit. Let's dive into the ins and outs of these limits.


Credit Card Processing Limits

When accepting credit card payments, there is a general processing limit of $999,999 per transaction. This ceiling applies to the total amount a lease/tenant can pay, inclusive of transaction fees that may be applied at checkout. However, keep in mind that individual credit card companies may impose their own limits, which can affect the maximum transaction amount allowed.


Direct Debit Processing Limits

Direct Debit payments also have processing limits that are determined both by type and region. These limits apply to the aggregate sum to be paid by the lease/tenant, together with any applicable fees during checkout.


Country-Specific Direct Debit Limits

Below is a table detailing the Direct Debit limits for specific countries and regions:

Country Direct Debit Type Amount (per transaction) Amount
(per week)
Australia BECS Direct Debit AU $100,000 AU $1.25M
United Kingdom & Ireland Bacs Direct Debit GBP £100,000 Uncapped
United States ACH USD $50,000 USD $20M
Canada Pre-Authorised Debit CAD $50,000 CAD $70,000


When processing payments, ensure you refer to the limits relevant to the lease/tenant’s location and selected direct debit method, to avoid any potential issues or delays.

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