Payments Report for Re-Leased Pay

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This article provides steps on accessing and interpreting the Re-Leased Pay Payments Report. This report is pivotal for tracking all payments made by tenants via Re-Leased Pay and includes key details such as processing fees and GST amounts for each payment within a specified time frame. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the platform, this article will help you utilize the Re-Leased Pay Payments Report to its full potential.


Finding the Re-Leased Pay Payments Report

To locate the Re-Leased Pay Payments Report in your Re-Leased platform, follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab.
  2. Under General Reports in the Financial section locate the Re-Leased Pay Payments report.

Contents of the Report

The Re-Leased Pay Payments Report includes:

  • Payments: A detailed list of payments made by tenants using Re-Leased Pay.
  • Processing Fees: Shows the processing fee amounts for each payment.
  • GST: The Goods and Services Tax amount applied to each payment.


Customizing Your Report

To get the most from the report, you can filter and customize it based on your needs:

  • Companies: Choose from companies you have access to with Re-Leased Pay setup—selected by default to the company currently in use.
  • Start date: Choose any date as the start point, defaulted to three months before the current date.
  • End date: Choose any date as the end point, defaulted to the current date.
    • Note: maximum length of time that can be displayed is 365 days


Exporting the Report

After applying the desired filters, you can:

  • Generate the report on-screen for a quick view.
  • Print the report as a PDF for physical records or sharing purposes.
  • Download the report in CSV format for data analysis or to keep a digital record.

By using the Re-Leased Pay Payments Report, you ensure precise tracking of all Re-Leased Pay transactions, essential for accurate financial management and reporting. Tailoring it to your timeframe and company-specific needs allows you to stay on top of your accounting effortlessly.

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