Re-Leased Pay Account Setup Status

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This article will provide an understanding of the various statuses that can be displayed for your Re-Leased Pay account. Whether you're seeing a prompt to get started, complete setup, or provide additional information, we'll explain what each status means and guide you on what actions you may need to take.


Overview of Re-Leased Pay Account Statuses

Seeing a status message on your Re-Leased Pay account but not sure what it means? Here's a breakdown of each status and its implications for your account.

  • Setup Re-Leased Pay
    If you haven't yet created a Re-Leased Pay account, click on the + Create Re-Leased Pay Account button to start setting up your new account.

  • Complete Setup
    Should your account setup be initiated but remain incomplete, you'll be directed to click Complete Setup. This will allow you to pick up right where you left off and finish setting up your account.

  • Account Being Verified
    After you've started the account setup process, your account will undergo a verification phase. Stripe, our payment processor, is verifying your account and you'll receive an email notification once it's ready for use.

  • Update Account Details
    Post successful verification by Stripe, your Re-Leased Pay account is ready for transactions. You can now update your account details at any time to reflect any changes in your business information.

  • Update Information (Blue)
    Upon receiving online payments, you may be prompted to provide additional details for your Re-Leased Pay account. It's important to update this information promptly; failing to do so within 7 days may lead to restrictions on your account by Stripe.

  • Update Information (Red)
    If you see this status in red, it means your account may now be restricted due to a lack of updated information within the required 7-day period. Tenant payments will be put on hold by Stripe until you update your account details.

  • Re-Leased Pay Account Setup is Temporarily Unavailable
    In the rare event of a technical issue preventing account setup, this status message will appear. Our team is dedicated to resolving any such issues swiftly. Please try setting up your account again later.

By staying informed about your Re-Leased Pay account status, you can ensure a smooth online payment process for both you and your tenants.

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