Re-establishing QuickBooks Online Connection in Re-Leased once Revoked

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If your connection to QuickBooks Online has been interrupted, leading to revoked access, this article will guide you through the steps to re-establish the link. Revoked access is often indicated by a red banner message in the Re-Leased menu and, in certain cases, an email to the user who initially established the connection. Don't be alarmed; this is usually a straightforward fix. There's no need to notify support unless this issue occurs repeatedly. Detailed below will be the common causes for such revocations and the simple method to reconnect.

Understanding Revoked Access in Re-Leased

Only users with the correct permissions will see the red banner indicating revoked access. If you find invoices failing to sync and you don't have the ability to view add-on management messages, this could be a sign of the same issue. Here's why access might be revoked:

  • Expired QuickBooks Online Trial: You'll need to subscribe to continue.
  • User Authorization Changes: If the connecting user loses QuickBooks Online access, the link is cut.
  • Disconnection in QuickBooks Settings: Accidental or intentional app disconnection through the settings.
  • System Maintenance or Upgrades: Upgrades to either system can disrupt the connection.
  • API Outages: Occasionally, QuickBooks Online may experience interruptions affecting the API.

Re-establish the connection swiftly to maintain seamless functionality. Rest assured, no data will be lost in this process.

Reconnecting to QuickBooks Online

To reconnect, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Reconnect to QuickBooks Online link provided in the banner message.
  2. Choose Continue and then Connect to QuickBooks.
  3. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  4. Select the appropriate QuickBooks company to link with Re-Leased, then click Next.
  5. The Sync From Date will be prefilled with your original sync date. Note that 'all time' sync is no longer an option. Instead, select a date that encompasses your oldest invoices or align with the most recent period lock date in QuickBooks.
  6. Review your 'Income and Expenses' for the oldest transaction as a reference for selecting your sync date.
  7. If you've unlocked a previously closed period in QuickBooks that precedes your Sync From date, you can disable and re-enable the connection with a new date to include those changes.

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Following these steps, the sync will begin and might take some time. You can continue with your other work during this time.

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