Completing a Reminder

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Welcome to our guide on effectively managing your reminders. This article will detail how to complete a reminder, giving you the ability to declutter your to-do lists while keeping an archive of your accomplished tasks. We aim to help you enhance your organization and productivity effortlessly.

Understanding Reminder Completion

When you complete a reminder, it signifies that you have addressed the task at hand, moving it from the realm of pending items to the realm of accomplishments. Unlike archiving, which completely removes the reminder from view, completing a reminder shifts it to a 'completed' status while it remains visible on your calendar as a testament to your resolved task.

How to Mark a Reminder as Complete

To ensure your reminders reflect your productivity, follow these simple steps to mark them as complete:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard to find your calendar and to-do lists that contain your reminders.
  2. Locate the reminder you wish to complete. 
  3. During the reminder review, find the option to set the Completed Date. By default, the current date will populate this field—but you're free to adjust it if needed.
  4. Click on the Mark as Complete button to update the reminder’s status.

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Once a reminder is marked as complete, the button will change to Mark as Incomplete, providing you the flexibility to revert its status if the action was made in error or if the task has re-emerged.

Resetting a Completed Reminder

If you need to return a completed reminder to its previous incomplete status, simply:

  1. Open the completed reminder.
  2. Click the Mark as Incomplete button to revert the changes.

Utilising reminders can significantly streamline your task management. This guide is designed to boost your organizational skills and increase your efficiency with minimal effort.



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