Setting Up Inspection Notice Rules

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This article guides you through the process of setting up Inspection Notice Rules to streamline your process of sending out inspection notices. By creating rules, you can automate the process, generating reminders on your dashboard when it's time to send notices. This system ensures that you stay on schedule with your inspections without manually tracking dates and sending notices.

Creating Inspection Notice Rules

Before creating rules, you must have your inspection notices ready as both correspondence and text message templates. Once these templates are created, follow these steps to set up your Inspection Notice Rules:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and select the Inspection Notice Rules from the Communications section. 
  2. Click Create New Inspection Notice Rule to begin the setup.

Editing Your Inspection Notice Rule

Once you are on the page to create a new rule, follow these steps to customize it:

  1. Title: Assign a descriptive name to your rule for easy identification.
  2. Actions: Determine the timeframe in which the inspection notices should be dispatched prior to the inspection date.
  3. Delivery: Choose your preferred method of delivery - this could be via email, post, or text messages.
  4. Template: Associate the relevant templates you've previously set up for each step of the notice process.
  5. Default: You may designate one rule per company as the default. This rule will trigger reminders on your dashboard to send out notices.
  6. After configuring all options, click Save Inspection Notice Rule.

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With these steps, you've successfully configured an Inspection Notice Rule. The rule will help keep you organized and ensure timely communication with your clients or tenants regarding upcoming inspections.

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