Managing Supplier's Insurance Policies for Multiple Contacts

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This guide provides instructions on how to associate multiple contacts with a Supplier's Insurance policy in Re-Leased. If your group deals with various companies and contacts, this feature simplifies the task of keeping track of whether each supplier has current insurance coverage. This article will help you add or remove multiple contacts to an insurance policy and send reminder emails efficiently.


Adding Contacts to a Policy

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard and click on the Insurance Hub to locate the records. 
  2. Click on the Contextual Menu [...] then click Edit against the record then Add contacts to policy button. Or, click Manage Policy Contacts.
  3. In the pop-up, use the search field to find and select Contacts. Check the boxes next to desired Contacts.
  4. Click Add contacts to policy to confirm your selections.
  5. The selected Contacts will now be shown in the policy. Be sure to Save your changes.


Removing Contacts from a Policy

If you need to remove a Contact from a policy:

  1. Within the Insurance record, click the Contextual Menu [...] then click Edit.
  2. Hover over the Contact's name in the Policy Contacts list and click the Remove button.
  3. In the confirmation pop-up, click Remove Contact.

Please Note: At least one Contact must remain associated with a policy at all times.


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Sending Reminder Emails for Multi-Contact Policies

To email reminders for policies with multiple contacts:

  1. From the Insurance list page, click the Contextual Menu [...] then click Email Reminder.
  2. On the create email page, note that the To field pre-populates with the first Contact added to the policy.
  3. You can manually add additional Contacts to the email if needed.


By following these simple steps, you can effectively link multiple contacts to a single insurance policy, ensuring that your supplier's insurance records are comprehensive and up to date.

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