Utilizing Description Lines

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Re-Leased supports description lines for specific accounting providers. Description lines created in the supported external accounting providers will be synced to Re-Leased, and any description lines created or edited in Re-Leased will be synced out. A description line is a zero amount line for information purposes only.


Description lines must have a DESC- Description Line Account. Theis is automatically created by Re-Leased and added to the Chart of Accounts list during a sync once Description Lines functionality is enabled.

Supported Integrations

  • QuickBooks Online Income Invoices


Unsupported Integrations

Integrations that do not support description lines will require lines to have a non-zero amount.


How to Handle Incoming Invoices

When dealing with incoming invoices, description lines should be clearly marked and have specific settings:

  • The Account should be set as DESC- Description Line by default.
  • The Tax Type for description lines will be automatically set to No Tax.

Note: You will not see fields related to description lines on the Invoice screen until the invoice is edited.


Creating Description Lines in Re-Leased

Creating a description line comprises a few straightforward steps:

  • Create a new line and select the DESC- Description Line Account.
  • Enter the desired text in the Description field.
  • Make sure the Unit Price is set to 0.

Description lines - QBO.png


Editing Description Lines

If a description line requires updating, here is how you can edit it:

  1. Locate the description line within the invoice.
  2. Modify the Description field as necessary.

Keep in mind that changing the line's Account from 'DESC' will transform it into a standard line, which will then require an input for the amount.


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