Key Aspects of the QuickBooks Online Integration

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The QuickBooks Online integration with Re-Leased simplifies your accounting process by syncing data between the two platforms. This feature automates the transfer of financial information, ensuring consistent and up-to-date records. In this article, we'll describe what data is managed exclusively by QuickBooks Online, which items can be managed on both platforms, and how the syncing process works.

Exclusive QuickBooks Online Management

When integrated with QuickBooks Online, specific items will solely be managed within QuickBooks Online:

  • Tax: All tax management is handled in QuickBooks Online.
  • Accounts: Financial accounts are exclusively managed in QuickBooks Online.
  • Classes (Tracking Field): Used for tracking, classes are managed within QuickBooks Online only.

Once the integration is set up, you will not manage these items in Re-Leased as they will sync from QuickBooks Online.


Dual Management in Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online

Certain items can be managed in either Re-Leased or QuickBooks Online, with changes syncing between the two:

  • Contacts: Can be created and updated in Re-Leased; archiving is exclusive to QuickBooks Online.
  • Invoices: Both income invoices and bills are manageable on both platforms.
  • Credit Notes: Credit memos and vendor credits can be created and managed on both systems.
  • Invoice & Credit Note Attachments: Attachments are maintained across both platforms.
  • Payments: Payments can be made on either platform; however, reversing is only available in QuickBooks Online.


Syncing Process and Directionality

Information between QuickBooks Online and Re-Leased syncs automatically, but the direction of the sync depends on the data type:

  • Automated Sales Tax: The sync is one-way from QuickBooks Online to Re-Leased.
  • Accounts: Similar to tax, the sync for accounts is one-way from QuickBooks Online to Re-Leased.
  • Classes: These are synced one-way from QuickBooks Online to Re-Leased.
  • Contacts: Edited and created between both platforms, but can only be archived in QuickBooks Online.
  • Credit Memos and Vendor Credits: Synced between both systems. Only approved/in awaiting approval invoices will sync, and voiding is mirrored on both platforms.
  • Payments: Synced between both systems for accuracy and consistency.


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Important Integration Notes

Please keep in mind:

  • There is a strict one-to-one connection between a Re-Leased company and a QuickBooks Online company. Re-connecting to a different QuickBooks Online company is not possible once integrated.
  • Transactions processed using spend money or receive money in QuickBooks Online do not sync with Re-Leased.

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