Understanding QuickBooks Online Integration Limitations

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This article outlines components of QuickBooks Online that are not compatible with Re-Leased and provides guidance on how to manage them effectively. Awareness of these features will help ensure a seamless sync experience between QuickBooks Online and Re-Leased.

Automated Credits/Payments
To avoid sync issues, disable Automated Credits/Payments feature in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Go to Account & Settings.
  2. Select Advanced.
  3. Locate Automation and turn off related settings.


Discounts and Mark Ups
Transactions with discounts or mark ups do not sync with Re-Leased. Implement this workaround:

  • Replace discounts in QuickBooks with a negative line item.
  • Replace mark-ups in QuickBooks with a positive line item.


Multi Currency Usage
If you have set up contacts and invoices with multiple currencies in QuickBooks:

  1. Contact Re-Leased customer support to unlink these from the integration.
  2. Make the contact inactive in QuickBooks.
  3. Create a new contact using your home currency.


Contacts with Multiple Email Addresses
Ensure each contact in QuickBooks has a single email address to sync with Re-Leased. Remove additional email addresses from the contact in QuickBooks.


Description Lines on Documents
Invoices, bills, credit memos, and vendor credits with just a description line cannot sync from QuickBooks to Re-Leased.

Sent Status Indicator
Sent status appears in QuickBooks only if an invoice is dispatched using QuickBooks itself.

Tax Rates with "Effective Date"
Re-Leased does not support tax rates in QuickBooks with an Effective Date feature. Should you encounter sync errors due to this:

  1. Adjust the future effective rate in QuickBooks to match the current rate.
  2. Create a new tax rate for any upcoming changes.


Invoices with Product Bundles
Product bundles in invoices or credit notes in QuickBooks will not sync to Re-Leased.

Archiving Contacts
Archiving a contact in Re-Leased does not reflect in QuickBooks Online. Archive the contact in both platforms separately.

Refunds issued in QuickBooks Online cannot be transferred to Re-Leased during synchronization.

Understanding these limitations and applying the necessary adjustments will help maintain a consistent and error-free link between your QuickBooks Online and Re-Leased accounts.

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