Invoice Statuses and Syncing with QuickBooks Online

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This guide outlines how invoice statuses in Re-Leased differ from those in QuickBooks Online, and how this affects the syncing process. We'll provide clarity on each status and what actions need to be taken to ensure your invoices are properly managed and synced.


Invoice Statuses in Re-Leased

Here are the statuses you'll encounter in Re-Leased:

  1. Save as Draft
  2. Save & Submit for Approval
  3. Save & Approve


Saving as Draft

When you choose to save an invoice as a draft, it’s like keeping your work on standby:

  • The invoice remains within Re-Leased and does not move to QuickBooks Online.
  • It allows for revisions before the invoice is finalized.

Remember, you'll need to approve the invoice eventually for it to sync with QuickBooks Online.


Submitting for Approval

Submitting an invoice for approval means you're ready for a manager or authorized person to review it:

  • The invoice stays within Re-Leased and waits for approval.
  • It is still not visible in QuickBooks Online at this stage.

Approval is a necessary step to move forward in the process.


Saving as Approved

Directly approving an invoice is a quick way to move the process along:

  • The invoice status changes from draft to approved in Re-Leased.
  • Approved invoices immediately sync with QuickBooks Online.

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