Understanding Sage Intacct Integration Limitations

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Integrating your Re-Leased account with Sage Intacct can streamline your accounting processes, but there are certain features which are not currently supported by the integration. This article outlines the specific functionalities that cannot be synced between Re-Leased and Sage Intacct, to help you understand how this could impact your workflow and how you can manage the tasks that aren't included.


Multi-Currency Handling

Contacts and invoices using multiple currencies in Sage Intacct cannot be synced. It's advised to detach these from the integration and deactivate the contact in Sage Intacct, then create a new contact with the local currency in Re-Leased.


Journal Entry Payments

Payments entered as journal entries will not synchronize from Sage Intacct to Re-Leased.


Overpayment and Prepayment

Overpayments or prepayments that are recorded in Sage Intacct do not get transferred to Re-Leased during a sync.


Invoice Attachments

Attachments added to invoices in Sage Intacct do not sync with Re-Leased.


Editing AR and Vendor Invoices

If you edit Accounts Receivable or Vendor invoices in Re-Leased, these changes will not be reflected in Sage Intacct. You'll need to update the documents in both systems manually.


Voiding Invoices

When an invoice or bill is voided in Re-Leased, this adjustment does not sync to Sage Intacct. Invoices or bills must also be voided in Sage Intacct to maintain consistency.


Editing and Archiving Contacts

Any edits or archived statuses applied to contacts in Re-Leased must be duplicated in Sage Intacct, as these changes do not sync between the two systems.



Refunds processed in Sage Intacct cannot be synced to Re-Leased.


Understanding these integration limitations allows you to better prepare for manual tasks and avoid discrepancies between your Re-Leased data and Sage Intacct records. We recommend establishing a regular routine to manually review and update both systems to ensure accuracy and data integrity.


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