Archiving and Restoring a Property

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to archive properties that are no longer actively managed in your portfolio, as well as instructions on restoring these properties if the need arises. Effective management of your property records is essential for maintaining an organized and accurate portfolio, which is invaluable for reporting and operational efficiency.


How to Archive a Property

Archiving a property helps you maintain an uncluttered list of active properties and retains archived ones for future access. Ensure all unnecessary ledgers are removed from the property using the steps below before proceeding with archiving.

  1. Navigate to the Property and click on the Ledgers tab.
  2. Click Add/Remove Ledgers and click the 'x' to remove any unwanted ledgers.
  3. Select Property Details from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click the Archive button located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

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When archiving, you will see the Reason for Archiving section:

  • Select the appropriate reason from the dropdown menu—sold or other reasons.
  • Provide additional comments where necessary for detailed record-keeping (this is optional).

Note that the details entered here are used for the Sold Property List Report and are not intended to create new contacts.


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After clicking Archive this property, the property will be archived and labelled as Archived against their ledger. Keep in mind that archiving a property does not archive or void all associated data like outstanding invoices or contacts—these will need to be addressed separately.


Viewing Archived Properties

The Archived tab within your property list serves as a repository for all non-active properties. This may happen if properties have been sold or your management has ceased.

  1. Click on the Archived tab against the Properties section to view all archived properties across all active companies you have access to.
  2. The data within the Archived tab is read-only. Use the magnifying glass icon to preview a property summary.


Restoring an Archived Property

If a previously archived property needs to be reactivated, the restoration process is simple. The steps below guide you on how to restore an archived property, bringing it back into your active management portfolio.

  1. Select Properties from the main menu.
  2. Click the Archived tab.
  3. Find the property you wish to restore.
  4. To restore, click on the rotating arrows icon; to preview the property before restoring, click on the magnifying glass icon.

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Important note: If any tenancies were not correctly vacated before archiving, restoring the property can mistakenly trigger rent invoice generation. Make sure to review Tenancy Terms & Breaks and Invoices & Credits immediately after restoring a property to avoid such issues.


By following the procedures outlined in this article, you'll be able to effectively manage your digital property records, ensuring smoother operations and more reliable data for your property management tasks.

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