Navigating the Properties List

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The Properties List feature provides a comprehensive overview of all properties associated with your companies. This guide will swiftly walk you through utilizing the Properties List, allowing you to manage your properties with ease.


The Properties Page

The main Properties Page is the hub where all individual properties are displayed. You can find a range of filtering options to help you narrow down your view:

  • Company: Sort properties by the company they're associated with.
  • Property Manager: Filter by the assigned property manager.
  • Property Type: View properties according to their type.
  • Name or Street: Use the property's name or street address for filtering.

Each property entry allows for a quick overview, a peek at the location on a map, or in-depth management by clicking on the property's name.


Searching for Properties

If you're seeking a particular property, using the Search Properties feature will streamline your process:

  1. Type part of a Property Name or Street address into the search box.
  2. Properties matching your input will be filtered and displayed.

Screenshot of Properties - Re-Leased (1).jpg

Viewing Properties

Delving deeper into property details is straightforward:

  1. Magnifying Glass: Click to see key details such as current lease information, occupancy status, and rent.
  2. Map Pin: Clicking this will launch a new window showing the property's location via Google Maps.
  3. Property Name: Select this to view the complete details and perform any necessary edits to the property information.

Screenshot of Properties - Re-Leased (2).jpg


By mastering the Properties List feature, you can ensure that managing your real estate assets is not just feasible but downright efficient.

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