Understanding the Summary & Property Details Tab

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This article is here to help you understand how to view quick information about your property, navigate between different tenancies, reveal advanced property details, and modify property information to maintain an up-to-date record.


Accessing the Property Summary

The Property Summary tab is your starting point for accessing details about your property. To view the Summary:

  1. Locate and click on the Property Name from the search menu, the property list, or within linked text, such as on an invoice.
  2. The Summary tab will open by default, presenting a snapshot of key property and current tenancy information.
  3. To navigate to a specific tenancy, click on the Tenancies name link within the Summary.
  4. Tenancies can also be viewed on the Tenancies tab of the property.

The Tenancies page contains:

  • The tenancy name and basic information, clicking on the tenancy name link will open the Tenancy file.
  • A magnifying glass that allows you to preview the tenancy
  • Buttons to enter or import new Tenancies.

The list will default to showing Current tenancies only, use the Future, Expired and Cancelled tabs above the list to view related tenancies by status.


Advanced Details and Property Summary Graphs

To delve deeper into your property's data:

  1. Click on Show Advanced Details to view information such as Annual Net Rent, Year Built, and dimensions of Land and Floor area.
  2. Toggle the view by clicking Hide Advanced Details to conceal these specifics.

The Summary also features graphs that provide visual insight into key performance metrics:

  • Market Rent: Actual rent compared to the annual rent potential of occupied areas.
  • Potential Rent: Actual rent compared to the annual rent potential of all areas, including vacant ones.
  • Occupancy Percentage: The ratio of tenanted areas in relation to the total property space.

Note that percentages can exceed 100% if areas are occupied by multiple tenancies.

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Editing Property Details

Customizing your property's information is straightforward:

  1. Select Property Details from the left-side menu.
  2. Input changes directly into text boxes on things like Floor Area, Address, or Date of Purchase.
  3. Click Save Property to update the details.


Adjusting Usage Type and Specifics

For the Usage Type field:

  • Choose between Commercial, Residential, or Mixed. The choice here affects the availability of additional fields.
  • For Residential or Mixed usage types, input details for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and select from predefined lists of Chattels/Fixtures.
  • Add further information to the Features field if needed, as the Chattels/Fixtures list cannot be customized.


Property Anniversary Date

An Anniversary Date serves as a recurring reminder that appears on your dashboard, ensuring you don't overlook critical yearly events. Additionally, for properties connected to your Trust or Client Account, the date can automate the process of fee triggering, saving you time and helping to maintain accuracy in your records.

  1. Navigate to the Property Details page for the property in question.
  2. Locate the field labelled Anniversary Date and click on it to enter a date.
  3. Choose the date that represents the significant annual event for the property.
  4. Save your changes to ensure the Anniversary Date is recorded.
  5. The system will automatically create a dashboard reminder.
  6. The Anniversary Date can be used to initiate annual fee processing.


Viewing Properties on a Map

To see all your properties plotted on a map, just follow these steps:

If you need to define the exact location of your property on the map or make adjustments:

  1. Click on the property to go to its Property Details page.
  2. Utilize the street address search to pinpoint the property's location.
  3. If necessary, you can manually adjust the map location in the Property Details.


Using the Map Features

Map Markers

Your properties will be marked on the map using the property banner images, providing an easy visual reference:


Zooming and Navigating

Control your map view with the following options:

  • Use zoom in and zoom out controls to adjust your view scope.
  • Click and drag the map to navigate around different areas.


Searching and Filtering Properties

Search for specific properties or apply filters to refine your map view:

  • Use the search bar at the top of the map to enter search terms.
  • Select from the available filters to display only the properties that meet certain criteria.

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By keeping your property's summary and details current, you ensure accurate and efficient management of your property within the platform.

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