Creating Work Orders

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This guide provides instructions on how to create a Work Order from a Task. Whether you're dealing with maintenance tasks or have received a quote that you'd like to proceed with, creating a Work Order is a streamlined process that assigns and tracks the progress of work to be done. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to create Work Orders, manage their details, and communicate effectively with your contractors.

For additional assistance with managing quote responses, please refer to Managing Quote Requests.


Finding the Right Task for a Work Order

Tasks can be located in various places:

  • A Reminder on the Dashboard calendar
  • The Maintenance Hub
  • The Tasks page found under specific Properties or Tenancies


Creating a Work Order from a Task

Access the detail page of the Task to which the Work Order relates. Once there, creating a Work Order can be achieved in two simple ways:

  1. Click on Add.
  2. Select Work Order.


  1. Scroll down to the Work Orders section within the Task details.
  2. Click on Create Work Order.


Entering Work Order Details

Review the information auto-filled from the Task details, adjusting any necessary elements to ensure accuracy.

[Add a screenshot showing how to review and edit work order details.]

Once you've made revisions, save your changes by clicking Save Work Order.


Finalizing the Work Order

After saving, the following actions can be performed on the Work Order:

  1. Select a pre-set Template if required (manage templates in Settings).
  2. Make further edits by clicking Edit Work Order.
  3. Create a PDF document by selecting Print as PDF.
  4. Email the Work Order to the contractor by choosing Email PDF.


Understanding Work Order Statuses

Work Orders can have four statuses:

  • Approved – The Work Order has been created and approved by the user. 
  • Sent – The Work Order has been emailed to the contractor.
  • Complete - The Contractor has completed works and the work order is now completed.
  • Cancelled - The Contractor has not completed the works and the work order is no longer needed. 

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After creation, the Work Order is visible under the Work Orders section on the Task details page and the Maintenance Hub.

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