Managing Maintenance Jobs

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This article will guide you through the procedures for editing and deleting Maintenance Jobs. This is particularly useful for users who need to adjust the recurrence of tasks or fully remove a job and its associated tasks from the system. We've streamlined these instructions to make the process easy to understand and follow.


Accessing the Maintenance Job Details Page

To begin, navigate to the Maintenance Job details page, which is available exclusively for recurring maintenance tasks. Access this page through:

  • The Maintenance Hub, select View Job from the Contextual Menu [...]
  • The Property section, choose Tasks, then View Job from the Contextual Menu [...]
  • The Lease/Tenancy details, click Tasks, and select View Job from the Contextual Menu [...]
  • A Dashboard reminder pop-up, click View Maintenance Job


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Editing the Job

On the Job Details Page, select Edit in the top right corner to alter the job description or the recurrence details. After making the desired changes, confirm by clicking Save.

Important: Modifying the recurrence frequency will delete any existing incomplete tasks and generate new ones. If retaining task information is critical, consider editing individual task due dates instead. For more guidance on editing individual tasks, please see the related section on editing Tasks here.


Deleting Maintenance Jobs

Deleting a Maintenance Job is an irreversible action that removes the job along with all tasks associated with it.

  1. Go to the Maintenance Job Details page by either using the Dashboard, Maintenance Hub, or the Property/Lease/Tenancy Tasks page and navigate to the Tasks tab.
  2. Utilize the filters or the Search function to locate the Maintenance Job you want to delete.
  3. Select View Job from the three dots icon.
  4. Click the Archive button located at the top right of the page.

Review the confirmation warning, and if you agree, click Archive to proceed with the deletion.

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