Managing Quote Requests

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This article guides you through the process of requesting and assessing quotes from contractors for maintenance tasks using Re-Leased. From crafting a quote request email to accepting a contractor's quote, we cover all the essential steps to streamline your maintenance workflows efficiently.


Quote Requests Template

Before requesting quotes from contractors, ensure you have a standard email template ready:

  1. Go to the Settings taband locate the Templates option under the Communications section.
  2. Click Create Correspondence Template and select Template Type: Quote Request.
  3. Edit the subject line and email content to your preference, ensuring all relevant merge fields are included using the +subject and +body options.
  4. Do not remove the default {{ Link }} merge field as it provides contractors a unique link to submit their quotes.
  5. Preview and save your template once finalized.


Sending a Quote Request

To send out a quote request, navigate to the Maintenance Task. Click the Contextual Menu [...] then Add Quote Request.

Or scroll to the Quotes section of the Maintenance Task and click Create Quote


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On the quote request email page:

  1. Add recipients in the To field by typing their names or use Filter Contacts to select from a list.
  2. Choose your quote request template from the dropdown menu.
  3. Ensure the {{ Link }} merge field is in the email body to provide contractors with a unique submission link.
  4. Send the email which will go out individually to each contractor without revealing others.


Assessing Quote Responses

To review responses from contractors:

  1. Locate the Quote request in the Maintenance Hub under the Quotes Tab and click View for details.
  2. Alternatively, go directly from the associated Task by clicking on the Quote request.
  3. View a summary of all Quote requests and responses, clicking View Details for more information.


Accepting a Quote

Once the Contractor has accepted a quote, the status of the quote will change to Responded. After clicking Accept Quote, the work order workflow will begin. See Creating Work Orders for more information. 


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