Understanding "Jobs" and "Tasks" in Maintenance

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This article will clarify the concepts of Jobs and Tasks as they relate to maintenance activities. By the end of this read, you'll have a clear understanding of how to create, manage, and differentiate between these two essential elements in the system. Let's empower you to streamline your maintenance workflow efficiently!


Understanding Maintenance "Tasks"

Maintenance tasks in Re-Leased can be categorized into two types: one-off tasks. Think of a Task as an individual maintenance event - it's a unique action with specific information like a due date, allocated budget, and any associated work orders or quotes. One-off tasks are standalone with all details contained within that single task.

Click here for more information about managing Tasks


Understanding Maintenance "Jobs"

A Job in Re-Leased is a collection of related recurring tasks. It serves as an umbrella that binds a series of tasks, which recur over time, under a single entity. This is particularly helpful for managing maintenance that occurs at regular intervals.

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Creating Maintenance

For detailed instructions on how to create a new Maintenance, click here.

If you create a one-off Maintenance Task, after you save it, you will land directly on the Task details page, where you can choose to edit it or add relevant links such as Quote requests or Work orders.


If you create a recurring Maintenance Job, after you save it, you will land on the Job Details page. Here you can view and edit each of the recurring Tasks in that Job or edit the recurrence frequency in need.


Editing Maintenance

Normally editing and/or updating of key details for Maintenance occurs at the Task level. Click here for more information about editing Tasks.


To update the frequency of recurrence on recurring Maintenance, edit the Maintenance Job. Click here for more details about editing Jobs.


By mastering the distinction between Jobs and Tasks and learning how to create and edit them, you set the stage for a smoother and more effective maintenance process.

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