Managing Property Rating Valuations

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Property Rating Valuations represent the assessed value of a property, which may be determined by local authorities or certified property valuation specialists. This article provides a guide on how to access, add, edit, and archive Rating Valuation records, ensuring your property data stays comprehensive and up-to-date. 

Accessing the Rating Valuations Page 

  1. Open the relevant property.
  2. Click on Legal from the list of options on the left menu. 
  3. Select the tab labelled Current Rating Valuations

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The Rating Valuations Page 

Here’s what you'll find on the Rating Valuations page: 

  • The name of the Valuation. 
  • A Preview option to view the details of each Rating Valuation record. 

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Adding a Rating Valuation Record 

Whether you are adding a property to the platform via the New Property Wizard or just updating an existing one, here's how to add a Rating Valuation: 

  1. Navigate to the Legal tab against the property.
  2. Click New Rating Valuation
  3. Fill in the following fields: 
    • Reference: Add a unique identifier for the valuation. 
    • Date of Valuation: Select the date the valuation was assessed. 
    • Valuation (Land Value): Enter the assessed value of the land. 
    • Valuation (Improvements Value): Enter the assessed value of any improvements. 

Note: The Capital Value will automatically calculate based on the land and improvements values entered. 

4. Click Save to record the details. 

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Editing or Archiving a Rating Valuation 

If you need to update details or remove a Rating Valuation record, follow these steps: 

  1. From the Rating Valuations list, click on the link for the relevant valuation. 
  2. Choose Rating Valuation Details to edit or press the Archive button to permanently remove the record. 
  3. After making your changes, hit Save to update the record or click Cancel to leave it unchanged. 

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