Managing Utility Meter Readings

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This article outlines the process for managing utility meter readings and how to generate invoices for those readings in your account. Whether you're entering meter readings individually or in bulk, this guide will help you maintain accurate records and ensure correct billing for utility usage. 

Individual Meter Reading Management 

  1. Navigate to the relevant Property and click the Utility Meter tab for the left-hand menu. 
  2. The initial meter reading will be displayed, allowing you to edit the date or reading amount as necessary. 
  3. To add a new reading, click the New Reading button and fill in the required fields: 
  • Reading Taken On: Specify the date of the new reading. 
  • Reading: Enter the meter reading value. 
  • Chargeable: Indicate if the reading should generate chargeable invoices. 
  • Unit Price: Confirm or edit the default unit price. 
  • Standing Charges: Review and adjust any applicable standing charges for this reading. 

4. Click Save when completed. The readings list will update with the latest data. 

5. From the readings list, choose to Edit, Archive, or Generate invoices based on your needs. 


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To generate invoices from a meter reading: 

  1. Click Generate invoices next to the applicable reading. 
  2. Set the invoice due date and service date. 
  3. Confirm the details to generate the invoices that will be sent to the tenants. 


Creating Bulk Meter Readings 

For multiple meters, the Bulk Readings feature streamlines the process: 

  1. Click Bulk Readings to access the bulk entry screen. 
  2. Input details for each meter you are recording: 
    • Readings Taken On: Choose a uniform date for all readings. 
    • Chargeable: Set the chargeable status for all readings. 
    • Standing Charges: Adjust any default charges as needed. 
    • Unit Price: Review or modify the default unit price for each meter. 
    • Current Reading: Enter the readings for each meter. 

3. After entering all details, click Save or Save and Generate Invoices to advance to invoice generation. 

4. On the invoice page, you can further customize which readings to bill for. 

5. Click Generate Invoices to finalize the process. 

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Invoices created through these methods can be tracked in the Income & Expenses tab, or by navigating to the Meter Reading section and selecting Invoices. Click on an invoice number to view its details. 

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