Managing Keys for a Property

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Keeping track of keys is an important aspect of property management, especially when it comes to tenant access, contractor work, and owner visits. This guide explains how to effectively manage your property's keys using our system. You'll learn how to view, manage, and add new keys, as well as handle key checkouts and returns with ease. 

Viewing, Managing, and Adding New Keys 

To keep your property's keys organized: 

  1. Navigate to the Keys tab within the relevant property. 
  2. Click on +New Key to add a new key to the system. 
  3. Provide a reference for each key to help identify it (such as "upstairs" or "back door"). 
  4. Add a description with any necessary details you may need to remember. 
  5. Click on Save Key

You will then see a list of all current keys for the property under the key tab. 

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Checking Keys In and Out 

When someone needs to borrow a key: 

  1. Select the Check Keys Out function. 
  2. Enter details of the individual checking the key out and the expected return date. 
  3. You can check the key out to a pre-existing contact or user. 
  4. Choose the key being checked out and confirm by clicking Check Keys Out

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How to Check a Key In 

Upon return of the key: 

  1. Select the Check Keys In option. 
  2. You will see a list of keys that are currently checked out. 
  3. Choose the correct key and finalize the check-in process by clicking Check Keys In

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Keys Reporting

To monitor the status of your keys: 

Go to the Reports tab and locate the Key Status Report against the Property section. This report will provide an in-depth view of key allocations. 

By regularly managing and auditing your keys, you can maintain security and ensure that property access is controlled and monitored. 

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