Managing Your Sage Intacct Sync Errors

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This article outlines common sync errors you may encounter between Re-Leased and Sage Intacct and provides straightforward solutions to resolve them. By understanding the root causes and steps needed to fix these issues, you'll be equipped to maintain a seamless integration between both systems.

Sync Error Message

Potential cause and how to fix

A contact with this name already exists please use a different name

Cause of the error

There can't be more than one contact in Re-Leased with the same name. This is usually surfaced as there will be a Vendor and Customer in Sage Intacct with the same name.


How to resolve

Rename the duplicate contact in Sage Intacct - this will usually be the Vendor contact.

Invoice/contact is using multi-currency. This feature is not currently supported by Re-Leased

Cause of the error

An invoice/contact in Sage Intacct is set up to use multi-currency which is not supported by Re-Leased.


How to resolve

The invoice/contact need to be unlinked from Re-Leased. Once it's unlinked, it's recommended to make the contact inactive in Sage Intacct and create a new contact in your local currency.

Payment has linked transaction(s) of type(s) 'Journal Entry' and is not currently supported by Re-Leased

Cause of the error

Journal Entries don't sync from Sage Intacct to Re-Leased as they're not currently supported.

How to resolve

The payment will need to be unlinked. Once unlinked, a payment can be added to the invoice in Re-Leased and it won't sync to Sage Intacct as it's already been paid in Sage Intacct.

Invoice 'Total' must be greater than or equal to '0'. Line items total must not be negative

Cause of the error

Normally because a "credit" invoice or bill has been set up in Sage Intacct to act as a Credit Note


How to resolve

Our integration doesn't support credit invoices or bills with negative amounts. Instead, we support AR Adjustments and AP Adjustments to sync in a Credit Notes in Re-Leased. Recreate the transaction in Sage Intacct as an AR Adjustment or AP Adjustment, and then the original error can be unlinked from the Sync Results Page.

For Credit Note Allocations:

Failed to push to Payment as AccountRef.Id must be provided. 


Failed to push to Payment as PaymentMethodRef must be provided.

Cause of the error

Currently our integration doesn't support syncing credit note allocations created in Re-Leased. We are looking to build support for this at a later date.


How to resolve

To avoid the error altogether, always create the Credit Note Allocations on the Intacct side. 

If an allocation is created in Re-Leased this error will always occur. Recommended steps are:

1. Create a matching allocation in Sage Intacct

2. Trigger a manual sync

3. The Sync Results Page will now have 2 errors, one for the original Re-Leased-created allocation, and one for the Sage-created allocation. Both of these errors should be unlinked. 

This {transaction} is linked with transactions that have errors preventing a sync.
Invalid links: {transaction id}

Cause of the error

There is another sync error on another entity linked to the transaction (e.g. the Contact, or the Account) that is preventing the transaction from syncing. 


How to resolve

Search for the other sync error using the id, fix that issue and this transaction should sync through. See here for more information. 

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