Unlink and Relink Records Between Re-Leased and Sage Intacct

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Running into snags when syncing data between Re-Leased and Sage Intacct can be a pesky hurdle. Fortunately, if you encounter an error that persists even after trying to rectify it in either system, you have the option to Unlink the problematic record. This action will halt further attempts to sync this specific record, letting you march on with your day-to-day activities without syncing issues. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to unlink records, and how to relink them, should you need to try syncing them again in the future.


How to Unlink a Problematic Record

  1. Locate the sync error by selecting the flag symbol. When you've found the error line, click on the validation message to get more details.
  2. Record the details of the sync issue, such as the contact name or invoice ID, for future reference.
  3. Move to the Sync Results page. Here, ensure the filter is set to Linked or Show all. Now, input the 'Id' of the problematic record into the search bar to locate the linked record.
  4. Once you've found the record, click on Unlink Records. The system will now disregard this record in future syncs.

Your unlinked records are not gone for good. They live under the Unlinked filter, waiting patiently in case you want to revive and resync them.


Relinking an Unlinked Record

Want to give syncing another try? Here's how you can relink an unlinked record:

  1. Before proceeding, ensure that whatever caused the sync issue has been addressed. Without resolving this, the record is likely to fail syncing again.
  2. Go to the Sync Results page and set the filter to Unlinked to find the record you wish to relink.
  3. Now, select the record and choose the option to Relink Records.

By relinking, the record will once again be included in future sync attempts. However, remember, success hinges on having resolved the initial sync problem.


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