How to Connect Xero to Re-Leased

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Here's how to integrate your Re-Leased company with a corresponding company in Xero. The integration ensures a seamless 1:1 connection, allowing for efficient syncing of financial data. This guide covers all the preliminary requirements, the step-by-step connection process, and the necessary reconciliations to get you started.


Preliminary Requirements

Before initiating the connection, you'll need to have certain elements ready in your Xero account:

  • Tax types: Make sure all relevant tax types for property transactions are set up.
  • Chart of accounts: Your income and expenses codes should be correctly aligned with property dealings.
  • Tracking: Establish a tracking category named Property with each of your properties listed as an option.
  • Invoice settings: Finalize the branding for your invoices within Xero, as they will sync post-connection.

Note: If you are already using Xero to issue invoices for rent, remember to cancel those recurring invoices to avoid duplication once Re-Leased takes over the invoicing process.


Initiating the Connection

Following the preparation stage, you can proceed to link your Re-Leased company to Xero by using the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings page in Re-Leased and select the company you wish to sync from the dropdown menu.
  2. Scroll down to find and select Manage Integrations & Add-ons.

    Manage integrations - Xero.png

  3. Click on Connect within the Xero status box.
  4. On the Xero integration page, review the syncing details and click Connect to Xero.
  5. Enter your Xero login credentials and select the Xero company you'd like to integrate. Then, grant access for the integration.
  6. Choose your Sync from Date. Keep in mind that transactions prior to 2018 and changes to pre-sync date invoices won't sync after the initial integration.
  7. Complete the Re-Leased and Xero Tax Type Reconciliation.
  8. Reconcile your chart of accounts during the Account Reconciliation step.
  9. Match or archive tracking options in the Tracking Reconciliation.
  10. Lastly, reconcile all contacts using the Contacts Reconciliation process.

With the above reconciliations done, confirm to commence the first sync between Re-Leased and Xero.


Post-Connection Steps for Tracking

After successfully connecting your Re-Leased and Xero accounts, ensure the tracking features are correctly linked:

  1. Link the tracking category to the Re-Leased companies by visiting Settings and selecting Manage Companies.

    Company tracking setting - Xero.png

  2. Within each property in Re-Leased, navigate to Property Details and assign the property to its corresponding tracking category.

    Tracking on a property - Xero.png

  3. Repeat this process for every company you wish to integrate with Xero.

During the initial sync, you may continue working as data transfer occurs in the background. Look for the blue flag in the header, signalling the completion of the integration.

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