Handling Overpayments and Prepayments from Xero

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Users now have the ability to pull Overpayments and Prepayments from Xero into Re-Leased if these transactions were created on or after January 1, 2022. This feature enhances your financial record-keeping within the Re-Leased.


Managing Prior Transactions

If you're looking to incorporate transactions dated prior to January 2022 into Re-Leased, please follow these steps:

  1. In Xero, locate and open the relevant Overpayment or Prepayment transaction.
  2. Edit and save the transaction to refresh the last edited date.

Completing these actions will include the transaction in the next invoice sync from Xero to Re-Leased.


Editing and Allocating Transactions in Xero

To edit or allocate overpayments and prepayments, adjustments must be completed in the Xero. Note that it's imperative to ensure that tracking categories are configured properly in Re-Leased to mirror the changes for the correct property or tenancy.


Special Considerations for Mapping Transactions

If a contact in Xero is linked to multiple tenancies within a property, special attention is required. It's possible that overpayments or prepayments may not be accurately mapped to a specific tenancy in Re-Leased. Exercise caution and verify transaction allocations.


Identifying Overpayments and Prepayments

Within Re-Leased, overpayments from Xero are designated with a small yellow OP icon next to the transaction number. Similarly, prepayments are marked with a yellow PP icon adjacent to the transaction number.


Viewing Overpayments and Prepayments in Re-Leased

Overpayments and Prepayments can be viewed in multiple areas:

  • Navigate to Income & Expenses and select the Credits filter.
  • In the property under Invoices & Credits (ensure Xero tracking categories are established).
  • For tenancies, go to Invoices & Credits (after confirming Xero tracking is in place and the contact does not have multiple tenancies within the property).
  • In the Arrears Hub, find relevant arrears correspondence displaying these transactions.
  • Transactions can also be reviewed in Tenancy HistoryTenancy Arrears, and Aged Arrears Reports.
  • Additionally, access these transactions via the Property Management (PM) and Landlord mobile apps.

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