Understanding Sync Types from Xero

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This article provides a guide in understanding and managing the sync between Re-Leased and Xero, ensuring your data is consistent and up-to-date across both platforms. We'll explore automatic, immediate, and manual sync processes, each designed to fit different syncing needs.

Understanding Sync Types

Re-Leased and Xero integrate seamlessly to keep your financial data aligned. There are three primary ways that these systems sync data:

Automatic Sync

Every night, an automatic sync occurs. This is designed to update all the day's data changes between Re-Leased and Xero, ensuring that both systems start the next day perfectly in sync. 

Immediate Sync

When any updates are made within Re-Leased, such as adding an invoice or updating contact information, these changes will be pushed to Xero immediately. This immediate sync ensures that your accounting records are always current, providing real-time accuracy. 


Manual Sync

Sometimes, you may need to prompt a sync outside the scheduled times. For a manual sync, follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to the Settings menu within Re-Leased.
  2. Select Manage Integrations & Add-ons.
  3. Choose Xero from the list.
  4. From here, you can initiate a full sync.


Viewing the Xero 'Sync From Date'

The Sync From Date is a key piece of information that signifies the start point of your data synchronization with Xero. To check your Sync From Date, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu within your account's dashboard.
  2. Select Manage Integrations & Add-ons.
  3. Choose Xero from the list. 

On the Xero Status page, the Sync From Date will be displayed, showing the date from which your data is being synced.


Important Note Regarding 'Sync From Date'

Please be aware that the Sync From Date is a fixed setting and cannot be edited. Even if you disconnect and reconnect the integration with Xero, the Sync From Date will remain the same.  


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Ensuring a Successful Sync

Please note that there is a strict one-to-one connection rule between each Re-Leased company account and the corresponding Xero organization. Once you have connected your Re-Leased company to a Xero organization, it is not permissible to reconnect it to a different Xero organization.

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