Invoice Approvals & Numbering with Xero Integration

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This article helps with handling the invoice approval process when integrating Re-Leased with Xero, as well as explaining the invoice numbering system. Whether you’re looking to manage your invoices as drafts, submit them for approval, or conclude with immediate approval, we'll delve into the steps necessary to ensure a fluent invoice management process. Moreover, comprehending how invoice numbering functions when syncing with Xero will solidify your accounting practices.


Invoice Approval Process in Re-Leased

During invoice creation in Re-Leased, you can determine the invoice's progression with the following options:

  • Save as Draft: Keep the invoice within Re-Leased for further editing until it's ready to be processed.
  • Submit for Approval: Modify the invoice's status to Awaiting Approval for subsequent review in either Re-Leased or Xero.
  • Save & Approve: Directly approve the invoice within Re-Leased, bypassing the draft and review stages.


Understanding Invoice Numbering with Xero Integration

Upon connecting with Xero, Re-Leased aligns your invoicing with Xero's numbering system. The lines below detail how numbers are handled during the invoice creation and after any potential disconnection.


Invoices Created in Re-Leased Post Integration

An invoice initiated in Re-Leased starts with a Re-Leased number, which is later updated after being approved and synced with Xero, thereby adopting Xero’s invoice number.


Invoices Initiated in Xero

Invoices started directly within Xero maintain their Xero invoice number when synced to Re-Leased, ensuring consistency across platforms.


Effect on Invoice Numbering Post Disconnection from Xero

If you part ways with the Xero integration:

  • All existing invoices will revert to the Re-Leased numbering scheme.
  • Future invoices will progress with Re-Leased numbering, independent from Xero.


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