Unlink and Relink Records Between Re-Leased and Xero

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Occasionally, you might encounter a sync error between Re-Leased and Xero where a record fails to sync properly, and the issue cannot be resolved through updates in either system. This can happen due to various reasons such as invalid data or network glitches. In such cases, you will have the ability to Unlink the record to prevent it from affecting future sync operations.


Steps to Unlink a Record

  1. Access the sync error by selecting the flag in the Quick Links Menu and clicking on the validation message or clicking Message History to view the record with the error.
  2. Note or copy the unique 'Id' highlighted within the error message for the record in question. Alternatively, head straight to step 3 and manually search for the error. 
  3. Navigate to the Sync Results page. Ensure the filter is set to either Linked or Show all, then enter the 'Id' you have noted into the search bar to locate the troubled record.
  4. Select the record in question and then click on Unlink Records. This specific record will now be excluded from future sync operations. 

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Managing Unlinked Records

While unlinked records will no longer sync automatically, you can still view them by applying the Unlinked filter on the Sync Results page. This allows you to monitor any records that have been unlinked, should you need to audit or manually address them. 


Relinking Records

Should you wish to attempt another sync for an unlinked record:

  1. First, ensure that the original issue causing the sync failure has been properly addressed.
  2. Then, on the Sync Results page with the Unlinked filter applied, find the record you wish to relink.
  3. Select the record and choose Link Records.
  4. Remember that if the underlying issue hasn't been resolved, it's likely that the sync will fail again. Ensure all discrepancies or issues are fully addressed before attempting to relink the record.


Note: It is recommended that you only unlink records when necessary and under the advisement of your system administrator or support team, as unlinked records will not reflect in your financial reports until resolved. 

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