Matching Time Zones in Re-Leased and Xero

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This article aims to help you address any discrepancies in due dates that can occur after syncing invoices between Re-Leased and Xero. If you've noticed that the due date on an invoice appears to be a day earlier than it should be after a sync, it's likely due to differing time zone settings between the two platforms. We'll guide you through how to check and match these settings so your invoice due dates are consistent and accurate.


Checking Time Zone Settings in Re-Leased

In Re-Leased, the time zone setting is displayed at the bottom of each page. Here's a visual guide to help you locate it:

Timezone in RL - Xero.png

If you discover that your time zone needs adjusting in Re-Leased, you won't be able to change it directly through your user interface. Instead, you'll need to contact our Support Team for assistance via the Help Centre.


Checking and Updating the Time Zone Setting in Xero

To verify or update your Xero account’s time zone setting, you'll need to navigate to a specific section within your Xero dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Xero account.
  2. Go to Accounting then select Advanced from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Financial Settings.
  4. Locate the time zone setting and make any necessary adjustments to match the time zone in your Re-Leased account.

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