Resolving Expenses from Xero Not Displaying in Re-Leased 

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At times, you might encounter a situation where expenses recorded in Xero do not appear against a property in Re-Leased. Here's what to check.


1. Verify the Expense Entry Method 

Firstly, confirm that the expense was entered as a Bill in Xero. Transactions that are entered through cash coding as Spend Money or Receive Money actions do not get shared from Xero to Re-Leased. Only Bills, which are equivalent to invoices, will be part of the integration. 


2. Check Bill Tracking Configuration 

Bill tracking is the linking bridge that connects an invoice in Xero to a specific property in Re-Leased. If the bill is not tracked, it will sync over but will appear only in the Income and Expenses section, and will be associated with the contact tied to it, not directly with a property. 


3. Confirm Tracking Connection to the Re-Leased Company 

To check this: 

  1. Navigate to the Settings Menu. 
  2. Click on Manage Companies
  3. Review the Invoicing section for each company to ensure there's a link to the property tracking category. 


4. Ensure Tracking Is Set for the Property 

If you need to verify the tracking for a specific property: 

  1. Visit the Property Summary page, or 
  2. View the Property Details page within Re-Leased. 


5. Check the Bill or Invoice Date 

Last but not least, confirm that the date of the Bill or Invoice falls within the 'sync from' date range established during your Xero integration set up. To do this: 

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Manage Add-ons and Integrations
  3. Choose the relevant company and select Xero. 


If the date falls outside of your sync parameters, you can either modify the invoice date in Xero or disconnect and reconnect Xero with an earlier sync from date. 

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