Setting Up Tracking Categories with Xero

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Tracking categories enable you to sync your financial data from Xero, tagging property-related transactions for an enhanced reporting experience in Xero. By the end of this guide, you'll know how to set up and apply tracking categories to properties within Re-Leased and witness the enriched detail in your financial reports.


Setting up Tracking Category Options

Initiating tracking categories begins within Xero:

  1. In Xero, go to Accounting, then Advanced and select Tracking categories.
  2. Create a Tracking category and name it Property.
  3. Add Category options that correspond to each property in Re-Leased. This creates a direct match for accurate tracking.

Note: Xero supports an additional tracking category, which can be utilized for varied reporting or integration with other software.




Import Tracking Categories into Re-Leased

  1. In Re-Leased, navigate to Settings, choose Manage Integrations & Add ons, then select Xero.
  2. Initiate a sync to import tracking categories from Xero.
  3. Confirm synchronization under Settings > General > Tracking.

It's important to manage tracking categories within Xero, as the list in Re-Leased is not editable.


Linking Property Tracking to Your Company

Next, let's link the tracking categories with your invoicing process:

  1. Within Re-Leased, head to Settings, click Manage Companies, select your company, and navigate to Invoicing.
  2. Choose Property under the Property tracking category section.
  3. From the yellow buttons, pick Update the associated property on all invoices.
  4. Click on Save to confirm your settings.


Assigning a Tracking Option to a Property

Every property must have a tracking option assigned:

  1. Open the property of interest and go to the Property Details tab.
  2. In the Tracking Categories section, select the suitable option from the dropdown.
  3. If updating invoices is required, check the box Update the associated property on all invoices.
  4. Hit the Save property button to cement the connection.

The chosen action will impact how current invoices are managed in relation to new property tracking assignments.

Property tracking on an invoice - Xero.png

Understanding the Possibilities with Multiple Tracking Categories

Re-Leased uses Xero's robust tracking feature to enrich your property management workflows. Xero's allocation of two active tracking categories allows for deep data segmentation through integration with other add-ons for a robust reportability.


Setting Up a Secondary Tracking Category in Xero

  • Log into Xero and access the settings of your organization.
  • Under the 'Tracking' section, click on 'Add Tracking Category'.
  • Create the additional tracking category, name it suitably (e.g., 'Tenancy'), and include options representing various business segments for tracking.
  • Remember to save your adjustments before exiting settings.


Applying a Secondary Tracking Category in Re-Leased

  1. Return to Re-Leased and navigate to Settings > Manage Integrations & Add-ons.
  2. Perform a sync with Xero to refresh tracking categories on Re-Leased.
  3. The new tracking category will now display within invoice and rent template tracking options.
  4. Allocate the secondary category as needed within Rent Templates of tenancies or elsewhere applicable.
  5. View the segmented transaction information in Xero reports to advance your financial analysis.

Secondary tracking on rent template - Xero.png

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