Key Aspects of the Xero Integration

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This article provides users with a comprehensive understanding of the Xero integration with Re-Leased, explaining the data sync process between the two platforms. By the end of this guide, you'll be familiar with what types of data are synced, which entities are managed exclusively in Xero, and the direction of data flow for specific data types.


What Does the Xero Integration Sync?

Data Managed in Both Re-Leased and Xero

Data entities shared between Re-Leased and Xero that are included in the regular sync are:

  • Contacts (Note: Archiving can only be done in Xero)
  • Invoices (Income Invoices and Bills)
  • Credit Notes
  • Payments (Note: Payments can be processed in either system, but voiding or reversing must be done in Xero)

It's crucial to understand that transactions tagged as spend money or receive money in Xero do not sync with Re-Leased.


Data Managed Exclusively in Xero

When you integrate Re-Leased with Xero, the following aspects are exclusively managed in Xero:

  • Tax Types
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Tracking Categories
  • Voiding/Reversing of Payments
  • Reconciling of Transactions
  • Bank References
  • Bank Name
  • Particulars & Codes

You'll need to recognize that post-integration, these elements are to be managed within Xero and are not available in Re-Leased.


Sync Directions for Specific Data Types

Tax Rates and Chart of Accounts

Tax Rates and the Chart of Accounts will sync from Xero to Re-Leased one way, meaning they cannot be managed within Re-Leased after the integration.


Tracking is managed in Xero and will sync one way to Re-Leased.


Contacts can be created, updated, and unarchived in both systems with synced data. However, contacts can only be archived within Xero.

Invoices and Credit Notes

Invoices and Credit Notes created in either platform will be synced. Invoices in 'Approved' or 'Awaiting Approval' status in Re-Leased will sync to Xero, but invoices in 'Draft' status will not. Voiding invoices can be done in both systems with both reflecting the changes.


Your attachments associated with invoices and credit notes are included in the sync, allowing updates in either Re-Leased or Xero to show in both platforms.


Payments made against invoices and credit notes are synced, irrespective of whether they are added in Re-Leased or Xero. Keep in mind that the integration maintains a one-to-one connection between a Re-Leased company and its corresponding Xero company; once connected, you cannot re-pair them with a different Xero company.

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