Updating Financial Settings with Xero

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Integrating your financial settings with Xero not only streamlines your accounting processes but also keeps your data consistent across platforms. This article provides you with instructions on updating your Chart of Accounts or Tax Types in Xero and ensuring these updates sync correctly with Re-Leased. 


Changing Xero Financial Settings

To update your financial settings in Xero, ensure you are signed into your Xero account and follow these steps tailored for your needs:

Adding a New Account

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Xero dashboard.
  2. Select Add Account to establish a new account.

Editing an Existing Account

  1. Go to Settings to access your list of accounts.
  2. Identify and click on the Account Name you would like to edit.
  3. Modify as required and ensure to Save your changes.

Further changes saved in Xero won't instantaneously mirror in Re-Leased; however, they will be updated during the next auto-sync. Should you prefer an immediate effect, a manual sync can be implemented—explained in the following section.


Syncing the Updates with Re-Leased

Re-Leased and Xero align at regular intervals, but there may be instances requiring immediate update reflection. Here's how to trigger a manual sync:

  1. Click on the Bell Icon located in the Quick Links Menu. 
  2. Choose Start sync from the dropdown menu to manually initiate a sync.

The changes you've made in Xero should now be accurately displayed within Re-Leased. Utilize the manual sync option whenever you need the updates to apply before the next scheduled auto-sync period.

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