Managing Your Xero Sync Results

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This guide provides clear insights on how to manage and interpret the sync results between Re-Leased and Xero. Understanding your sync results is essential for ensuring financial records are consistent and precise across both platforms. We will cover understanding status indicators, navigating the sync results page, and managing synced records effectively.


Interpreting Sync Status Flags

After you sync your data, you'll notice status flags that indicate the progress and outcome of your sync:

  • blue flag indicates a successful sync with no issues encountered.
  • An orange flag means the sync is in progress, but some errors have occurred.
  • red flag signals that the sync is complete; however, there are issues that require attention.

To delve into the specifics, select the flagged status indicator to bring up a summary, and choose View sync results to view detailed information on the sync results page.


The Sync Results Page

The sync results page provides a list of transactions or records that faced problems during the sync, including reasons for their failure. Here, you can rectify any inconsistencies or opt to exclude specific records from future sync efforts.


Navigating the Sync Results Page

  1. Select the company you want to view results for using the Company Selector accessible via the Contextual Menu [...].
  2. Use the Date Filter to set a range for the sync results you wish to display.
  3. Apply the Status Filter to sort records by linked (sync attempted) or unlinked (excluded from sync) status.
  4. Filter based on record type such as Contacts or Invoices using the Entity Filter.
  5. Utilize the Search Filter to find specific sync results by identifiers like Re-Leased Id, External Id, or Details.
  6. Refresh the display with the most recent information by selecting Refresh Results.
  7. Initiate another sync sequence with the Sync button.

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Managing Synced Records

On the sync results page, you may choose individual or multiple records for actions such as relinking or unlinking:

  • Selecting any records will bring up the option to Unlink or Relink.
  • Unlinking records excludes them from future sync attempts but be cautious as it may affect related transactions in the next sync.
  • Relinking a previously unlinked record could influence other associated records, so take care when using this feature.


Sync Results Details

Each record's attempt at syncing is represented by a row on the sync results page, providing this essential information:

  • Date: The date the record was last attempted to sync.
  • Type: The type of record in Re-Leased.
  • Re-Leased Id: The unique identifier in Re-Leased, with linked records offering clickable IDs to view the record.
  • External Id: The corresponding ID in Xero, with clickable IDs leading to the record in Xero except for attachments.
  • Sync Direction: Denotes the direction of the sync issue; either Outgoing or Incoming.
  • Details: Explains the reason behind the sync failure and includes an option for more detailed information.
  • Link Status: Shows if the record is currently linked or unlinked for sync purposes.


Page Navigation and Viewing Options

To manage large volumes of results, use pagination to navigate through different pages of data. Additionally, you can adjust the number of rows displayed per page to suit your needs, with choices of 25, 50, 100, or all.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your sync between Re-Leased and Xero is consistent and error-free, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of your financial data and reporting.



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