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This article aims to guide you through the process of emailing contacts within Re-Leased. You'll learn how to send emails either using a one-time message or by utilizing customized templates. We'll also cover finding contacts with filters, managing distribution lists, handling email attachments, and reviewing sent emails.

How to Send an Email to Contacts

  1. Navigate to the Contacts menu.
  2. Select the Send Email button.
  3. Choose Company from the dropdown menu.
  4. Input the recipient's contact name to add them to the email or use the Filter Contacts feature to select specific groups of contacts. To include more recipients discreetly, use the CC or BCC options.
  5. Opt for a pre-designed Template or compose a unique message.
  6. Fill in the Subject line for your email.
  7. Write your message in the Message box and Attach Files if necessary.
  8. Ensure your email is complete, then click Send Email.

Finding Contacts Using Filters

Improve the precision of your contact selection by filtering based on specific criteria:

  • Contact Type – Categorize your contacts to find a specific group.
  • Property – Select contacts linked to a particular property.
  • Leases/Tenants – Choose from contacts who are current tenants.
  • Property Manager – Reach out to contacts managed by a specified property manager.

Note that selecting Current Lease/Tenant will return all contacts associated with a tenancy who have opted for General Correspondence.

Utilizing Distribution Lists

  1. Click Contacts List to access your saved lists.
  2. Select the desired Distribution List.
  3. Add the contacts by clicking Add Selected.

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Email Attachments and Size Limits

If the total size of your attachments exceeds 10 MB, the system facilitates efficient delivery:

  • Rather than directly including attachments in the email, the system provides a secure download link within the email.
  • This enables recipients to access the attachments without size limitations.

Sending Attachments Under 10 MB

For attachments that are less than 10 MB:

  • Attachments will appear normally in the email received by your contacts.
  • There is no need for recipients to perform additional download steps.

How to Attach Files to Your Email

  1. While composing a new email, click the Attach Files option.
  2. Select the files you want to include, and they will be added to your email.

Viewing Sent Items with Attachments

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab.
  2. Proceed to Correspondence to view your email history.
  3. Select the relevant email link to review the details and attachments of emails you've sent.


With these steps, you're now ready to communicate effectively with your contacts in Re-Leased, ensuring that messages and important documents are delivered in a proficient manner.

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