Managing Emails: Tracking and Resending

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For our North American users, "Tenancies" are referred to as "Leases" and "Terms & Breaks" are known as "Terms & Options." For a complete understanding of regional terminology differences, please see our Glossary of Regional Terminology.

This article provides instructions on how to track and manage emails related to a Lease/Tenancy within Re-Leased. Whether you need to confirm receipt of important correspondence like invoices or resend messages to recipients, we’ll guide you through the steps to ensure seamless communication. You’ll learn how to view a Lease/Tenancy’s email correspondence, track email statuses, and handle failed email deliveries. 

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Email Correspondence within a Lease/Tenancy 

To view all correspondence associated with a Lease/Tenancy: 

  1. Navigate to the related Lease/Tenancy
  2. Select Correspondence from the left-hand menu to access the list of emails, SMS, and letters tied to that Lease/Tenancy. 
  3. Emails sent to multiple recipients will be grouped together for an organized overview. 

Tracking Email Delivery and Open Status 

You can track the status of each email including details on delivery and opening: 

  1. Click on the down arrow to expand grouped emails and view individual recipients. 
  2. Email status icons indicate whether an email has been delivered, failed, or is queued. 

Individual Email Actions 

  1. Click the Contextual Menu [...] next to a recipient’s name. 
  2. Select Resend message to review and edit the recipient's email address if needed before resending. 
  3. Choose Show activity report for a summary of email interactions, including the ability to download this report as a PDF. 

Group Email Actions 

  1. Click the Contextual Menu [...] at the top of the grouped correspondence summary. 
  2. Select Resend failed messages to attempt sending emails again, after editing any necessary recipient details. 
  3. Choose Download group activity report to obtain a comprehensive PDF report for all recipients in the group. 

By mastering these tools and processes, you ensure that email communication related to your Lease/Tenancies is effective and efficient, helping to maintain professional and responsive interactions with all parties involved.


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