Understanding Email Deliverability

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When using Re-Leased, emails are an essential aspect of communication with contacts. Most emails you send through Re-Leased are delivered promptly. However, there are occasions when emails may be delayed or not delivered at all. This guide explains the possible outcomes for emails sent from Re-Leased—Delivered, Delayed, or Rejected—and provides solutions for common email deliverability issues.

Email Delivery Outcomes

Delivered Emails

Most emails sent from Re-Leased will be marked as Delivered. If a recipient reports not receiving an email, but it's marked as Delivered in Re-Leased, advise them to check their spam folder and consult their IT Mail Server Administrator to see if the email might be quarantined. Often, this is the crux of the issue, and a simple change by their IT admin can resolve it.

Delayed Emails

Occasionally, emails are temporarily delayed. This may be due to the recipient's mail server settings or temporary unavailability. Rest assured that Re-Leased continues to attempt delivery for up to 72 hours. During this time period, sending the same email again isn't necessary, as Re-Leased is actively retrying delivery.

Rejected Emails

Rejection can occur if the email address is incorrect or outdated, the recipient's inbox is full, or the email is classified as spam. Check for typos or changed email addresses first. Encourage recipients to mark our emails as not spam in their email applications to prevent future misclassifications.

Other Considerations

Whitelisting Re-Leased's IP Address

If security policies at the recipient's end block Re-Leased emails, their IT administrators can whitelist our IP address,, to ensure smooth delivery.

DMARC Policy Failure

There is a possibility that emails will not be delivered if they do not comply with DMARC policies. To fix this, you may need to modify the SPF record of the sender. IT personnel are welcome to reach out for guidance on updating the SPF record. For more information, see SPF Records Explained | Twilio (sendgrid.com).

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