Adding and Editing Contacts

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For our users in Australia, please be aware of regional-specific terms such as "BPAY Creditors", which is a region-exclusive category. For an understanding of these and other regional terms, please refer to our Glossary of Regional Terminology

This article is designed as a comprehensive resource to help you add, and edit contact information seamlessly within Re-Leased. Whether you're handling tenants, suppliers, or owners, you will find straightforward instructions to make managing your contacts as efficient as possible. 

Adding Contacts 

Contacts are the cornerstone of streamlined operational efficiency in any management system. Keeping your contact list fresh and comprehensive ensures your business runs smoothly without hitches. Consider the following points when adding a new contact in Re-Leased:

Automatic Addition of Contacts
As you navigate through your daily tasks, the system proactively aids in contact management by automatically saving new contacts. Here's how it works:

  • Whenever you enter a new contact while setting up Properties, Leases/Tenancies, or creating Maintenance tasks, the system intuitively adds that contact to your contacts list.

Manual Addition of Contacts

For times when you need to introduce contacts directly, maybe during initial system setup or when you want to have more control over your contact entries, the manual method is available too:

  1. Use the Quick Links [+] bar at the top of your dashboard and select New Contact.
  2. Alternatively, navigate to Contacts main page and clicking New Contact. 

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Details and Classification of Contacts 

Enter relevant details like name, email, and phone, essential for communication and present on correspondence and invoices. Utilize features like address duplication to save time. 

For tax and payment details, enter relevant tax information and, for Australia and NZ, ensure bank branch numbers match. The bank logo may not appear for all banks. If an account is selected as the default expense invoice account, the elected account will automatically be set on any expense invoices from the contact. 

Edit contact information by:

  1. Selecting Contacts and click on the relevant contact. 
  2. Make necessary updates and click Save

Efficient contact management enhances operations and maintains clear communication channels. 

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