How to Import Contacts into Re-Leased

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This article is designed to guide you through the process of importing contacts into your Re-Leased account. Whether you are migrating data from another system or updating multiple contacts at once, following these instructions will allow you to efficiently upload your contacts' information using an import template. 

Beginning the Import Process 

To start the contact import process, navigate to the Contacts menu. From here, you will select the Import Contacts option to proceed. 

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Selecting Your Import File

On the import screen, you can manage the following tasks: 

  • Select File to Import: Choose the Excel file you've prepared with your contacts' information. 
  • Cancel Import: If you need to return to your contacts page without importing, use this option. 
  • Download Excel Template: To ensure proper formatting, download and use the provided Excel template for your contact data. 
  • Example Template: Access an example template to understand how to correctly fill out your import file. 

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Validating Your Import File 

After selecting your completed Excel template for upload, the file details will be displayed. The system will validate each contact's information: 

  • A green checkmark indicates valid information. 
  • A red multiplication sign signifies an issue that requires your attention. 
  • You can then confirm the import once all entries show a green checkmark. 

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Handling Existing Contact Information 

If your import includes contacts already in Re-Leased, you'll have options on how to handle the incoming data: 

  • Keep existing contact information when import fields are blank: Any blank field in your import will not overwrite existing information. For example, if the 'First Name' field is blank, the existing first name will remain unchanged. However, if there is a value in the import, it will update the existing information. 
  • Overwrite all existing contact information: Blank fields in your import will overwrite existing data in Re-Leased. For instance, if the 'Email' field is left blank, the import will clear the existing email, unless there is a new value provided to update it. 

Completing the Import 

When you are ready, confirm to import your contacts. Re-Leased will process the import and integrate the new data into your contacts list. You'll be notified upon the successful completion of the import process. 


By following these steps, you should have no trouble importing contact information into Re-Leased, ensuring all of your relevant data is current and centralized. Remember, it's crucial to use the template provided and to check that all the information is valid before confirming the import. 

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