Setting Up Preferred Suppliers

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Managing your preferred suppliers within Re-Leased is a streamlined process that helps you connect contractors with the specific types of maintenance services they provide for each property. This becomes especially handy when you need to keep track of maintenance contracts or if you have specific suppliers recommended by landlords. This article will guide you through the process of adding preferred suppliers for a property.


How to Add Preferred Suppliers for a Property

Adding preferred suppliers allows you to associate contractors with their respective maintenance specialties for each of your properties. Here are the steps to set this up effectively:

  1. Locate the property by using the global search feature, selecting it from the property list, or by clicking on a property name link anywhere within Re-Leased.
  2. On the property's page, click on Contacts from the left side menu.
  3. Navigate to the Preferred Suppliers tab located above the contact list.
  4. Select the Add new Preferred Supplier button to begin linking a contractor.
  5. Enter the contractor's name in the search field. If the contractor already exists in your company's database, they will appear in the search results. A 'new!' indicator next to the name means you're about to create a new contact entry.
  6. Choose the relevant maintenance type from the provided options and click Save to finalize the addition of your preferred supplier.



By following these steps, you can effectively organize your list of contractors, making it easy to assign the right supplier for each maintenance task that arises.


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