Adding Contacts to an Owner Group

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This will guide you through the process of adding contacts to an Owner Group. Ensuring the correct allocation of shares among group members is crucial for seamless management and financial accuracy. Whether you need to distribute funds by percentage or fixed amounts, we'll lead you down the right path.

Before starting, please ensure that you have set up an Owners Group contact, and the individual owner contacts for each member have been created. Check out Setting Up an Owner Group  if you need guidance on these initial steps. 

Navigating to Manage Owner Group Members 

With your Owner Group and individual Owner contacts prepared, you're ready to assign members to the group: 

  1. Open the Owner Group contact. 
  2. Select Owner Group Members from the left menu. 
  3. Click on Manage Owner Group Members

Assigning Ownership Shares 

To distribute shares among your Owner Group: 

  1. Type in each member’s name to match the contact you have previously set up. 
  2. If the ownership is based on a percentage, enter the appropriate share in the Percentage field for each member. 
  3. Ensure that each member’s correct bank account is chosen, especially if an owner has multiple accounts. 

Setting Up Fixed Amount Distributions 

For distribution by fixed amounts or a combination with percentages: 

  1. Click on + Add Fixed Amounts
  2. Enter the desired amount for each member accordingly. 

Screenshot of Owner Group - Re-Leased.jpg

With the members added and the correct distribution method set, your Owner Group is now properly configured to accurately manage and distribute funds. 

Things to Remember 

  • Double-check bank account details to prevent any disbursement issues. 
  • Review your percentages or fixed amounts for accuracy before finalizing. 
  • Set the priority distribution correctly if using fixed amounts, ensuring a proper disbursement sequence. 

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