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Welcome to our guide on using Invoice Intelligence to streamline your bulk expense invoice processing. This innovative feature is a game-changer for reducing manual data entry by automatically extracting key details from your invoices. This article will guide you, step-by-step, through the simple process of leveraging Invoice Intelligence for your business.


Accessing Invoice Intelligence

Finding Invoice Intelligence is simple. You can access it:

  • Navigate to the top-of-your-screen and select the [+] Quick links menu for immediate access.
  • By going to the upper navigation menu and selecting Income and Expenses.

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Uploading Your Invoices

To get started with your uploads, choose from two methods:

  1. Direct Upload: Directly upload files from your device by dragging the documents to +Drop Documents Here. The supported formats will be listed on the upload interface.
  2. Email Upload: Alternatively, send invoices directly to your dedicated Re-Leased email address, found on-screen, with .pdf invoices as attachments.


Understanding Invoice Processing Statuses

Once your invoices are uploaded, keep track of them under the All Documents tab. Here's a guide to the different statuses:

  • Processing: The invoice is automatically being processed and no action is required from you at this stage.
  • Fingerprinting: We're generating a unique identifier for new supplier invoices to speed up processing next time around.
  • Duplication Alert: A duplicate invoice is detected. Archive the redundant copy and continue with the original.
  • Confirm Contact Required: Update your contact information accordingly if the invoice's contact does not match your records.
  • Confirm Property Required: Ensure property details match your records for seamless processing.
  • View Invoice: The invoice is prepped for your review. Check the extracted data for accuracy.


Reviewing and Processing Invoices

With an invoice ready for review, verify the pre-populated data against the original upload for any discrepancies. Here are the next steps:

  1. Fill in any missing information.
  2. Choose your next action:
    • Select Save as Draft for later review.
    • Select Save and Submit for Approval to continue the process.
    • Select Save and Approve to finalize the invoice.
    • If the upload was in error, select Delete.
  3. Proceed to the next invoice by selecting Next Bulk Processing Invoice.


Managing Incorrectly Uploaded Invoices

If an invoice was uploaded in error, you can maintain the integrity of your records by archiving the invoice directly from the All Documents tab.

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With Invoice Intelligence, you're empowered to streamline your invoicing process, saving you valuable time and minimizing errors. This smart tool is designed to keep your focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

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