Viewing, Printing, and Downloading Reports

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For our Asia-Pacific customers, the term "Trust Account" is used, while European customers refer to it as "Client Account". It's important to mention that the Client/Trust Accounting functionality does not apply to customers in North America. For further information on regional terms, check out our Glossary of Regional Terminology.


This article serves as a comprehensive guide on viewing, printing, and downloading reports within Re-Leased. You'll be equipped with the know-how to generate reports for on-screen review, save them in various formats such as PDF for sharing or archiving, and download them as CSV files for detailed analysis. We'll also show you how to email these reports directly when dealing with Client/Trust Accounting documentation. By the end of this article, you will be well-versed in effectively managing and distributing your reports.


How to Generate a Report on Screen

For immediate access to a report's information in Re-Leased, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the desired report from the menu and configure any filters or options as required.
  2. Click on Generate Report on Screen.

Afterward, the report will populate right before your eyes, enabling an instant review of the presented data.


How to Print a Report as a PDF

Archiving or sharing your report in a format that maintains its layout is straightforward with PDF. To convert a report to PDF:

  1. Select the report you want to print and finalize the options.
  2. Click on Print as PDF to initiate the download of a PDF file to your computer.

If you need a different view, such as a landscape layout, select the layout preference from the dropdown menu beside the Print as PDF button.


How to Download a Report as a CSV

When the need arises to manipulate or dive deeper into the data, a CSV file is your best bet:

  1. Choose the report and set up your desired parameters.
  2. Click on Download CSV.

Your report will be saved as a CSV file for use with any spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, allowing for extensive data analysis.


How to Email Client/Trust Accounting Reports

Certain Client/Trust Accounting reports come with the convenience of being directly emailed from Re-Leased. This includes the Financial Details & Financial Summary report.

  1. Go to the intended report for email transmission.
  2. Adjust any relevant options for your report.
  3. Utilize the Email report dropdown feature to distribute the report to the preferred recipient.


Leveraging these reporting features ensures you remain efficient and organized, whether it’s for personal use, internal review, or collaborating with team members. The functionalities outlined here simplify the process of obtaining and sharing your financial data in the most appropriate format.

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