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Managing keys effectively is crucial for the security and operations of your properties. In this article, we will show you how to access, filter, and export the Property Key Status Report, a valuable tool that offers insights into the status of keys for all your properties. You'll learn how to tailor this report to your specific needs and ensure your key control remains meticulous.


Accessing the Property Key Status Report

Let's start by accessing the Property Key Status Report. Here's a simple guide:

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu.
  2. Under the Property section, find and select Property Key Status Report.


Filtering Your Report for Tailored Insights

To hone in on the specific key information you're interested in, you'll want to apply filters to your report. Below are the filter options available:

  • Company: Focus the report on key statuses for one or multiple companies you're managing.
  • Key Status: Filter to view all keys, only keys currently checked out, or keys that are checked in.
  • Properties to Include: Determine whether to include key statuses for certain properties or all properties under your management.


Once you've set up your desired filters, you can proceed to analyze the report directly on your screen.

Exporting the Property Key Status Report

For those times when you need the Property Key Status Report accessible outside the management platform, exporting is an excellent feature. Here are your export options:

  • PDF Format: Export the report as a PDF file to easily print or share via email, with a choice of portrait or landscape layout.
  • CSV File: Download the report in CSV format. This is perfect for when you want to do further data sorting, analysis, or integration with other spreadsheet tools.

With the above instructions, the Property Key Status Report is readily accessible to you whenever you need it, providing a streamlined approach to key management for all your properties.

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