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Our Property List Report is a powerful tool that offers a full overview of properties within your management portfolio. It includes comprehensive details like property names, addresses, designated property managers, rental values, total areas, and valuations. In this guide, we'll walk you through accessing and personalizing this report to suit your specific needs.


Accessing the Property List Report

To dive into the details of your properties, getting to the report is simple:

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu.
  2. Select Property List from the list of available report options.


Customizing Your Report with Filters

The Property List report is not only comprehensive but also adaptable. You can tailor the information you receive by using the following filters:

Reports For

Want to focus on a single company's properties or aggregate data from multiple groups? Here's how to select your scope:

  • Choose a specific company to view only their properties.
  • Opt for All Companies to amalgamate properties across all groups you manage.

Additional Filters

For a more focused report:

  • Show Only Properties I Manage: Enable this filter to see only those properties listed under your management.
  • Exclude Expired Tenancies: Apply this filter to ensure the report reflects the most up-to-date rental values; and to omit properties with expired tenancies or leases.
  • Type of Property: Include all property types or filter by a specific category that matches your analysis needs.



Generating and Exporting the Report

After you've fine-tuned your filters:

  1. Click on Generate Report on Screen to instantly view the properties and pertinent details in your browser.

If you require a physical copy or wish to use the data in other software, consider these options:

  • Print as PDF: Create a print-ready document that preserves the report's format and layout.
  • Download as CSV: Extract the data into a CSV file, allowing for further processing in spreadsheet tools or importing into different applications.

By using these steps, you can effectively generate a Property List Report tailored to your requirements, gaining valuable insights into your property management operations.

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