Creating a New Owner Contact

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This guide is designed to assist you in creating a new property owner contact within Re-Leased. We’ll walk you through each step to ensure that all necessary details for the owner are entered correctly. These details are crucial for generating reports, owner statements, and managing correspondence with property owners. 

Getting Started with Owner Contact Details 

To create an owner contact, you will need to capture their information, which will be utilized across the platform: 

  1. Select Owner from the Contact Category to gain access to additional field options necessary for owner contacts. 
  2. Enter the owner’s full contact information to ensure accurate reporting and owner statements. 
  3. If you would like to use Re-Leased's Text Message functionality, provide the owner's mobile number in the designated field. 
  4. Input the owner’s email address to enable sending electronic owner statements, maintenance work orders, and other communication. 
  5. Re-Leased distinguishes between a Physical Address and a Postal Address for an owner. Utilize the Copy from buttons to quickly duplicate address details where needed. 

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Financial and Accounting Settings 

Next, ensure that financial disbursements and statements are correctly configured: 

  1. Set the Payment Priority for this owner if you manage multiple properties. 
  2. Choose an appropriate expense code from the Chart of Accounts for recording expense invoices linked to this owner. 
  3. Enter the owner’s bank account details to facilitate disbursements. If there are multiple accounts, designate one as the default. 
  4. Specify the particulars to be shown when paying funds to the owner, ensuring clear and concise transactions. 
  5. Select an Equity code from the Chart of Accounts to be utilized for disbursing funds to this owner. 
  6. For your owner's tax purposes, enter their VAT or other Tax information. If the owner is not liable for VAT/Tax, type ‘N/A’. 
  7. Select the preferred default payment method, either by cheque or through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Note: Bank details must be complete to enable EFT. 

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Owner Communication and Reporting 

Communication preferences and statement settings are finalized in this section: 

  1. Choose a preferred Owner Statement format available within Re-Leased that meets the owner's requirements. 
  2. Establish disbursement profiles for the owner, which are created within the Settings menu. 
  3. Determine the delivery method for Owner Statements—via Post or Email. Note that an email address must be provided for email delivery. 
  4. Add multiple contacts if additional copies of statements need to be distributed, ensuring all relevant parties are informed. 

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By carefully following these steps, you will create a comprehensive owner profile in Re-Leased. This will streamline communications, financial transactions, and reporting for your property management tasks. 

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